Combinatobits (b166)


The Combination Editor in the Edit Traits dialog for a combination had some broken colors. That has been fixed.

A logic error in the Combination Editor caused all skills after the first targeted attack found to appear to also be targeted attacks. That has been fixed.

* Fencing Weapons

When I added support for the fencingweapon(char::enclevel) tag, I didn’t fully consider the actual application as it would work for weapons that can be used with either a fencing skill (where the penalty applies) or a non-fencing skill (where the penalty does not apply).

I have updated the code to be a bit smarter based on the mode data. If a weapon has an F flag in the parry() for a mode, indicating that it is used as a fencing weapon, GCA will create the fencingweapon() tag if it doesn’t exist and update the trait links (so that changing encumbrance will cause the mode to get updated). If the tag already exists, GCA won’t bother with that bit.

Now, when calculating modes, the fencing penalty will only apply to those modes where the parry() has the F flag.

* TagDefs.XML

Updated the entry for the ‘fencingweapon’ tag to reflect actual usage.

* Data Files (Released 2022 January 4)

Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf: Bug fixes.

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