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2022 February 25
GURPS Martial Arts 4e.gdf
Lethal Eye-Poke (Karate), Tech/H
skillused() changed to “Lethal Eye-Poke (Karate)”

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2.- Dungeons.gdf
In all racial templates with a racial attribute BONUS to ST or DX, I removed ” & ST:XXX::level > 0″ from the initmods() No Fine Manipulators modifier formula (where XXX is either ST or DX).

In all racial templates with a racial attribute PENALTY to ST or DX, I removed No Fine Manipulators initmod entirely.

In all racial templates, I removed locks(yes), hides(yes), and created a new data file to add those back if desired. I think the most likely use of these templates is to modify monsters for a GM’s campaign, and having them locked is an obstacle to that.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 2 – Dungeons – Locks & Hides Monster Template Traits.gdf
New data file.

This data file just LOCKS the monster templates in Dungeon Fantasy 2, so they can’t be edited in GCA, and HIDES the components so they don’t show up as normal traits in lists.

GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.–Characters.gdf
Horse Mail Face Mask
Horse Mail Head/Neck
Horse Mail Full Barding
Mail Hauberk
Mail Shirt
Mail Leggings
Mail Sleeves
Mail Coif
dr(4/2*) changed to dr(4/2cr*)

Horse Mail Partial Barding
dr(4/2F*) changed to dr(4/2cr F*)

Double Mail Hauberk
dr(5/3*) changed to dr(5/3cr*)

Studded Leather Skirt
dr(3/2*) changed to dr(3/2cr*)

dr(1/0) changed to dr(0/1sole)

Reinforced Boots
dr(5/2) changed to dr(2/5sole)

Assault Boots (TL10)
dr(18/9) changed to dr(9/18sole)

Assault Boots (TL11)
dr(24/12) changed to dr(12/24sole)

Assault Boots (TL12)
dr(36/18) changed to dr(18/36sole)

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