Bit a dis bit a dat (b173)


I have modified the Attack Mode Boxes in Unified View to be more robust about how they update or rebuild their contents. They should now more correctly and reliably update when modes are added, removed, or modified.

Certain elements of certain types of modifiers didn’t update their targets or parents fully when the Cancel button was used to close the Edit Modifiers dialog. That should now be fixed, although it does add a bit more calculation time to the rollback process.

The right-click menu in character lists on the Traits Dialog was almost completely useless, with almost all the options doing nothing. That should now be fixed, and the right-click menu should now be working as expected.

A bunch of routines in frmMain that handle actions made to the currently selected traits were made Public instead of Private. (This whole suite of routines needs to be cleaned up and normalized.)

The display of help info in the Add Tag dialog should now respect the minimum font size specified in options.

Adding or removing a child item should now cause both parent and child to be recalculated and marked dirty, and should also flag the related list types as needing an update.

Added support to advantage-type traits (cultures, languages, advantages, disadvantages, quirks, perks, features, and templates) for capacity meters based on number of children. This is different from the count capacity for equipment, because that includes total counts for all children (totals of all quantities of child items; no trait types have counts except equipment), and this is just a set number of children. So, a parent advantage could have a childcapacity(4) to generate a capacity meter based on 4 children maximum.

Fixed an issue in the drawing code for trait lists, and updated it slightly, so that child items will display more appropriate information for their type when they don’t match the type of the parent.

In the Campaign Log, when you add a new entry, focus should now be set to that entry’s caption for immediate editing. Also, when you tab into the Notes field, the entire text should now be selected, as happens with the other fields.

For some reason, the drawing code for the trait lists had disabled the use of the Transparency Settings option. I have restored that.

* GCA5 User Reference Guide

Added info about the right-click menu in Edit Modes.

Added info about capacity meters in character trait lists.

* bookcodes.xml

Fixed the reference url for Dungeon Fantasy RPG.

* tagdefs.xml

Updated with help for subsfor(), bonuslevels(), bonuspoints().

Updated step().

Updated with childcapacity(), childcapacitylevel(), overchildcapacity(), and overchildcapacityby()

* gca5.xsd

Added childcapacity, childcapacitylevel, overchildcapacity, overchildcapacityby elements to the ‘ref’ block of GCATrait

4 thoughts on “Bit a dis bit a dat (b173)

  1. John Card II

    The current “Dungeon Fantasy RPG.pdf” re-uses book code “S” to link to spells.

    An update to the “bookcodes.xml” file is needed to add “Dungeon Fantasy Spells” as a separate pdf, and then a global update to “Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf” file is needed to correctly link to that book code.

    Proposed book code is:

    Dungeon Fantasy: Spells
    whatever works
    %path%/Dungeon Fantasy Spells.pdf

    then a global case-sensitive replace in “Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf” to use that book code would be
    “page(S” -> “page(DFRPG:S”

    1. Armin Post author

      Ahhhh, you are correct. Thank you! I totally spaced on Spells. I will get that update in there. Although it looks like the Spells PDF comes from SJGames as DF_Spells.pdf, so that’s what I’ll name it by default.

      1. John Card II

        Just noticed the same S bookcode in both of the the Delvers to Grow GCA4 and GCA5 files as well at line 1392 “page(S17)”->”page(DFRPG:S17)”

        How should I best report these sort of issues?

        1. Armin Post author

          Thanks! I did catch the S page in Delvers to Grow myself after you reported the other ones, but just double-checked, and I have indeed fixed it for the future. I didn’t push out that update yet because I have some other changes to the file I’d like to make soon.

          Also, I did not create a GCA4 version of Delvers to Grow because it makes use of features supported by GCA5 that do not work in GCA4. So if you have one in your GCA4 data files folder, be aware that it will not work correctly.

          As for reporting these kinds of issues, I generally prefer them to be reported in a thread on the GCA forum at the SJGames forums. It’s usually easier for me to find them again if I need to if they’re over there. (I should find some kind of Issues tracker for my website, here, I think.) Anyway, this worked, so that’s cool.


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