A bit o’ Malf (b174)


You can now hide the library pane in Unified View, just as you can on Sheet View. I added the same button for it to the leftmost position of the Unified toolbar.

Fixed the tooltip text for the layout button on the Unified toolbar.

GCA should now be better at catching duplicate specified categories for traits when loading traits from books. This will not affect the cat() tags on existing character traits.

I’ve added a new data file command: #ModifierGroupWarnings [On|Off] This is Off by default. When On (and #Verbose is also On), this command will cause GCA to spit out to the log every time it replaces the modifier’s included group() with the one specified by the sub-head group in the file. The group specified in the file must be the official group source for the data, and is considered part of the name of the modifier. However, there are reasons that having a group() specified in the tag block can be convenient. The default behavior of GCA’s book processing has now changed from what was the equivalent of this command being On to this command being Off.

Malf() is now recognized as a mode-tag. CharMalf() is now calculated based on malf().

ShowMalf, ShowBreak, and ShowLC are now settings that can be turned on or off in the [Settings] section of a book file.

There are now options for showing LC, Malf, and Break numbers on the Default Character and Current Character tabs of Options. By default, these are all Off.

The attack boxes on Unified View now respect the character’s settings for showing LC, Malf, and Break columns.

The attack displays on Edit Traits now respect the character’s settings for showing LC, Malf, and Break columns.

Due to some changes in settings and file processing, I’ve also updated the FastFileVersion to force rebuilds of all FastLoad library data.

* viewinfo_template_equipment.rtf

Removed a redundant modifiers output line.

* bookcodes.xml

Added the “Dungeon Fantasy: Spells” and “Delvers to Grow” books.

* GCA5.xsd

Added the overlooked ‘scopeacc’ and ‘charscopeacc’, and the new ‘malf’ and ‘charmalf’ to the GCAAttackMode block.

* tagdefs.xml

Updated for malf() and charmalf().

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