This bit (b180)


Added some code to better support prerequisite checking that relies on traits in groups. These prerequisites should now be checked, and the red P set or cleared, more reliably as you add and remove traits from the character.

* GroupedTraitListManager

Updated how GroupedTraitListManager handles GroupingOptions. This is now Nothing before BuildGroupTraits has been called, and after that call it is set to the options that were used to build the grouping, which are either the default character options or those set with OverrideGroupingOptions.

Added the TreatAsList option to GroupingOptions, which allows for treating a selected grouping tag as a list, much like categories are done. This allows for breaking the items within the tag into discrete grouping groups, instead of treating the entire tag value as one group.

* Sheet Options

When using an option of type GCA5Engine.OptionType.Caption, if you begin the UserPrompt with “[bb]” or “[bbcode]” GCA will substitute the BBCode enabled version of the caption control instead of the usual plain text only version. BBCode support is limited and should be documented somewhere (but I don’t think it is right now). Note that the control does have some glitches, so always try to include a space before any [p] marker (I think that avoids the worst annoying little glitch I haven’t fixed yet).

If all you need is the [p] marker and otherwise need plain text, note that the standard caption will now replace [p] with CR+LF. (Also be aware that the BBCode version of the control adds an extra half-line between paragraphs, but the standard caption control does not.)

* GCA5.xsd

Added the ‘treataslist’ element to GCAGroupingOptions

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