Dropped bits

I have updated children to be kept as references in a SortedTraitCollection. This is a significant change, and may cause things to explode. Importantly, this change allows for more easily feeding through OrderBy requests, and for customizing the display order of child items in the future. However, this does create some additional hoops to jump through when loading characters, because not everything being referenced will exist yet.

ChildKeyList() and ParentKey() will no longer be returned when a TagList is requested. They will no longer appear in the Advanced Edit Traits window.

I apparently broke binary compatibility for plugins again, by changing the ChildKeyList property to allow an optional parameter.

I also updated the versions on the included plugins, and on the Interfaces assembly, while attempting to fix an issue with the setup program not correctly updating things.

When changing the OrderBy by double-clicking the header of a trait list, GCA will now apply the new order to the children being displayed in the list. Of course, children will still be listed under their parents, so the ordering will only affect how they’re shown within their own block.

Drag and drop visual indicators should display correctly now, even when the listbox has been scrolled.

Drag and drop in the lists should now allow dropping items to become children of other items, although it does currently require dropping onto an existing child of the intended parent.

Dragging a child item onto a non-child item will remove that child from its current parent.

Dragging a trait over a parent item should now also display a ‘drop zone’ indicator labeled “Make child of” on the right-hand side of the list box. Dropping onto that ‘drop zone’ should make the trait a child of the parent.

I have added a button, called “Easier Dragging”, to the third toolbar. When active, this option makes it simpler to begin a drag and drop operation in the trait boxes, but makes it harder to select traits by dragging. I don’t know if I’ll leave it there, but for now that’s where it is.

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