A bit of a bother (b182)


Added support for shields to calculate the character’s block level (the charblockscore() tag) based on the skill used with it. Charblockscore() is a mode-tag, so it will appear in the Mode editor and is found per-mode for the shield. You can target bonuses specific to it using the ‘blockscore’ target tag. The item must have a db() tag to trigger calculation of charblockscore(), and the shield’s DB value (the chardb() tag) will be included in the final level.

Added support for having your best equipped and ready (applied on an arm arc) shield DB added to all active defenses. I worked it so that you will be able so see bonuses to the Block, Dodge, or Parry attributes from ‘shield DB’ when applicable, since those attribute scores represent the ‘global’ bonus to those defenses. Those attribute scores are then picked up by the more specific trait calculated defense scores. When this option is enabled, the best applicable DB will be used, and that will also override a shield’s DB value in the calculated block level for a shield.

Added options to Default Character Options and Character Options to support the new option for applying DB across all active defenses.

The Protection box in Unified View will now display a line for DB/DR/Block information for shields in the shields list.

Added an option to the Melee Attacks block in Unified View to show a shield’s block score in the Pry field of the Lvl(Pry) column. Since shields usually show ‘No’ for a parry, this option is now On by default, as block seems a more useful value.

* Weapon Calculations

GCA normally calculates ST based requirements in weapons based on Striking ST. However, Striking ST may not exist, which obviously can be a problem. GCA now uses this order to fill the blank: Striking ST, One Arm Striking ST, and finally ST.

If you set damagebasedon(), GCA will use that value even if you pick something that doesn’t exist. Same with minstbasedon() if you set that.

This fix applies to calculating range for muscle-powered weapons, calculating effective ST with the weapon, and calculating the min ST penalties to effective level. It also applies to calculating damage using the damage functions if bonuses are applicable to ‘effectiveST’.

This fix includes the new GCACharacter function ActualStrikingSTAttributeUsed() which returns the name (without prefix-tag) of the attribute that is being used for this purpose in the calculations.

* FastLoad

FastLoad file version updated, fastload files will be rebuilt.

* TagDefs.xml

Updated to include charblockscore.

* GCA5.xsd

Updated to include charblockscore in GCAAttackMode block, and applydbtoactivedefenses in GCACharacter settings.

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