Package Updates

2022 June 6

Core Supplemental

GCA Prime Sheet

Removed a bunch of obsolete stuff mistakenly left active

Adjusted grid layout a tiny bit to have any assigned row height become the minimum height for that row

Made it so I could turn off the normal lines of a grid by setting the line definitions to Nothing

I noticed that a cell with text padding on was drawing the cell border around the text area, instead of around the cell, so that should be fixed now

Created a new block: Attributes – OCS Style; this is the official character sheet ‘blocky grid’ style, with options to change that style a fair bit

Created a new block: Basics – OCS Style; this is the Basic Lift, Basic Speed, Basic Move, and Damage bit from the official sheet, with options to change it up a bit.

Added EdgeBorders to Grid so that I can print only part of a grid border if I want, although I’m not doing anything with it for now.

Updated the Movement grid to offer GCA-style shading, which is to shade the non-move rows instead of alternate rows

Updated the ‘Block Happy’ preset profile to make use of the two new OCS style blocks.

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