Fixed bits all over the place (b191)

NOTE: The updates to the data files are included here because they were released to my private beta testers. However, they are *not* yet released to the public. When that happens, I’ll post a Package Update notice.


I have created a new program called The Cleaner that will be installed with GCA5 in the future. This program will allow you to clean/remove the folders that GCA creates in out-of-the-way areas of your system, so that you don’t have to track them down in order to clean up after GCA should you uninstall. (Because these folders and all that they contain are created by GCA itself, or by the Update system, the setup program can not remove them when you Add or Remove Programs.) This program is similar in concept to GCA4’s GCAClearAppData program, but this one has a UI and allows you to choose which of the two different folder structures you want to clear out.

The Party Log Entry dialog was missing a field to enter Money. It has been added.

For some reason, the Modifier property FullNameOldStyle was returning text in the new style of “Name, Extension” and not in the expected old style of “Name (Extension)”. This rendered any of the @hasmod() related functions likely to return the wrong value if they were checking against the often used “Name (Extension)” style. This has been fixed.

When loading a hit location table from a files, the table notes are keyed, so each must be unique by the given note() key. GCA was not checking for duplicates, and would crash if a duplicate note ‘key’ was added to the table. GCA now checks for dupes, and will replace the existing note with the duplicate now. (If Verbose is On for the book while loading, a message will be printed to the log about the duplicate and the replacement.)

Resynchronize was not removing certain system-only tags from character traits when refreshing the character traits with the system data. This meant some system control tags were being left on the trait, which would sometimes cause issues in certain situations. I’ve split out a routine for cleaning the traits of those tags (from the code in the character that handles creating new items), and Resynchronizing traits now uses that new routine as well.

GCA was incorrectly parsing template creates() items that had quoted names. That has been fixed.

When saving a Body to a file from the Protection dialog, height and width data for the location boxes was not being saved. Fixed.

GCA was also not processing height and width values for body parts that were being set in the [Body] section of a book file. Fixed.

Changed calculation of weightcapacity(), so that it can be targeted for bonuses to ‘weightcapacity’ and so that charweightcapacity() will be calced and included even if there are no children.

There was a potentially serious bug that could put GCA into an endless loop after clicking on OK in Advanced Edit Traits, if the item being edited had both children and bonuses. This appears to have been due to the order of operations for how a modified trait is updated (even if no real user edits were made). I have adjusted the order of some of the operations, and I believe this issue is now fixed without negatively impacting results.

Support for Bonus exceptions (onlyif, unless) hadn’t been extended to all routines related to applying bonuses. Should be now.

Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf
Corrected some ‘enegy’ typos to ‘energy’.


Odious Personal Habit (“Constant Humming or Singing”)

Compulsive Carousing
Compulsive Generosity
Compulsive Lying
Added conditional bonuses/penalties.

Arrow (Bodkin Point)
Arrow (Cutting Point)
Crossbow Bolt (Bodkin Point)
Crossbow Bolt (Cutting Point)

“Clothing, Complete Outfit”

Composite Bow (ST %choice%)
Composite Crossbow (ST %choice%)
Crossbow (ST %choice%)
Longbow (ST %choice%)
Pistol Crossbow (ST %choice%)
Regular Bow (ST %choice%)
Short Bow (ST %choice%)
Added modes for Standard Point, Bodkin Point, Cutting Point, and Flaming: Follow-Up

<Other Magic Items>
Bottomless Purse
Cornucopia Quiver
Gem of Healing
Ironskin Amulet
Moly Amulet
Necklace of Fireballs
Salamander Amulet
Serpent’s Amulet
Siege Stone
Wizard’s Staff
Wizard’s Wand

GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.–Characters.gdf
Corrected some ‘enegy’ typos to ‘energy’.

<Damage Resistance>
Force Field
Added gives(=All+nobase to owner::location$) to automatically change DR to cover all locations

<Mundane Social, Mundane, Social>
gives(+1 to SK:Panhandling) changed to gives(+3 to SK:Panhandling)

Updated body part locations to better fit default image.

GURPS Low Tech 4e.gdf
<Humanoid – Low Tech>
Now showing Chest and Abdomen instead of Torso.
Updated body part locations to better fit default image.

<Humanoid – Low Tech>
Added this hit location table to go along with the Body “Humanoid – Low Tech”.
Some of the hit penalties here are worked out with Kromm because they’re not specifically noted in the book.

GURPS Powers 4e.gdf
<Damage Resistance>
Force Field
Added gives(=All+nobase to owner::location$) to automatically change DR to cover all locations

GURPS Thaumatology 4e.gdf
Section for Raw Magic added to end of file. (Thanks to Symbiode)

<Raw Magic>
Raw Magic Store

Detect Raw Magic
Analyze Raw Magic
Process Raw Magic


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