NPC Record Card

This sheet is meant to work like the NPC Record Card from the books, but isn’t an exact, faithful reproduction.

Be aware that most characters with a large number of traits simply will not fit on the card at index card sizes (3×5) unless you use fairly tiny text. For an NPC that isn’t fully fleshed out, it should work fine, even with a portrait, but more developed characters will need a larger card size–if not a full sheet. If some traits don’t fit into the trait printing area, there will be a red marker indicating that (see sample image 2 below). If the hit locations/DR grid doesn’t fit, it’ll just be truncated without any other indication.

This sheet supports printing out sizes of 3×5, 4×6, Half Page, and Full Page, to whatever sheet size you’re using. If you are going to print to actual cards, you’ll probably want to use Full Page, and use Page Setup to set your card size and margins. Otherwise, GCA will try to fit the selected card size to the current page size–as many cards per page as will fit.

Also, the sheet is currently set to print ALL loaded characters out to the cards, so bear that in mind.

Thanks to my patrons at Patreon for making this sheet possible! More patrons means I can do more stuff for GCA more often, so please consider becoming a patron if you can afford it. (There are alternative options here if Patreon isn’t your thing.) Thank you.

The sample images here may be taken from different characters, which may also have dummy data, and are likely with different sheet options selected.

Cards at Half Page size and portraits shown.

Sample 1 – Cards at Half Page size and portraits shown.

Cards at 3x5 size (page zoomed, not full page) and portraits shown.

Sample 2 – Cards at 3×5 (page zoomed, not full page) size and portraits shown.


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