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Information Pages for Sheets Included with GCA:

"Official" Character sheet
Campaign Log sheet
Discworld sheet
Export Filter sheet
Text Layout sheet
"Official" Grimoire sheet
Alternate Grimoire sheet

Information Pages for New Sheets Created by Users:

"Official" Character sheet - Portuguese
Armin's Color Flow sheet
GCA3 Style 3 Column sheet

Making Use of the Sheets

Once you've completed the steps to save the character sheet, you should have it in your GCA folder, and you then have several options to choose from in order to make use of it.

First, to test it out and see that you like it, or to print with it only occasionally, you can use the Print Preview Using... menu option from the File menu. When you select that, it'll open a browse window which will allow you to browse to the new character sheet and select it. GCA will then create a print preview window using that sheet. (You can also use Print Using... to print using a different sheet without previewing first.)

Second, If you like the sheet and want to use it for a particular character, you use the Tools menu to select Options... and open the Options window. Here, you click on the Current Character Options tab, and you can change the character sheet used for the current character. (If you have multiple characters open, you can change which one you're going to apply the changes to by selecting the appropriate character in the drop-down list at the top.) The only option you can currently change here is the character sheet used for the character, and you can do that by using the drop-down box for Character Sheet. If you don't see the new sheet listed in the drop-down box, you can click the Browse... button and browse to the correct location and select the sheet there.

Finally, If you like the sheet a lot, and want to make it the default sheet for future characters that you make, you can pretty much do the same thing as you did for the Current Character, but instead of using the Current Character Options tab in Options, you'd use the Default Character Options tab. Then, after changing the character sheet on that tab, it will automatically be selected as the character sheet for all future characters you make. (Changing the sheet here will not affect any characters you already made.)

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