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"Official" Character sheet
Campaign Log sheet
Discworld sheet
Export Filter sheet
Text Layout sheet
"Official" Grimoire sheet
Alternate Grimoire sheet

Information Pages for New Sheets Created by Users:

"Official" Character sheet - Portuguese
Armin's Color Flow sheet
GCA3 Style 3 Column sheet

Armin's_Color_Flow_Sheet.gcs -- A flowable, colorful multi-column sheet

This sheet is designed to be as forgiving as possible for a variety of paper sizes, so it will happily self-adjust to print on sheets even smaller than A5--you can print characters on envelopes, if you really want to! It will vary the number of columns on the page to optimize their display, so standard A4 or Letter pages will have 3 columns, but printing on A5 or Letter-Half will only use 2 columns. (Printing on envelopes would have only one column.) If you go the other way, and have a large format printer, the sheet will allow for as many as six columns when printing landscape on Tabloid (11x17) size pages.

It is set up by default to try flowing information as best it can, finishing one group of traits before starting the next. Using standard letter or A4 size paper, most characters will fit all their traits onto the first page, and all equipment onto the second page (front and back if you duplex). More complex characters might require dropping the font size a point or two. A third page contains the character portrait, description, and notes.

Each type of trait is printed in a different color box, and alternating traits are shaded to ease finding things in the listings. You can change the colors used for the boxes and the shading, as well as for the general text.


Due to the large volume of information required to print the Hand Weapon and Ranged Weapon sections, those are printed full page across, rather than in columns. If you have tiny pages, it will gracefully degrade to fit the space, but does so by making most of the information into a text format paragraph below the weapon entry, rather than trying to make tables of data. If you have a very large page size, you'll end up with a very large Name column for the weapons, but all data will be shown in table format.

For easier reading, the Notes section is usually printed with one fewer columns than the normal page size. The character portrait, if any, is sized to fit into the first column of the Notes section as best it can.

October 17, 2007:

  • Fixed a bug in printing melee weapons.

August 7, 2007:

  • Will now print any trait with appropriate tags as weapons in the weapons blocks, rather than only printing equipment items there.

March 20, 2007:

  • Updated the sheet to use the new calculated charminst().
  • Added option for limited printing of Portrait, Description, and Notes on Page 2, if there's room.
  • Added option for printing Portrait on Page 1.
  • Appearance block now prints immediately before Description block.
  • Added an option to print a section for the Body Parts image, which shows DR body coverage (similar to the Protection window graphic). This would generally be used in place of the standard Protection section, since it includes all the same info (or more).

March 17, 2006:

  • Updated the sheet to make use of the new calculated charX() tags in b287.
  • Added a column for "Lvl (Pry)" to hand weapon modes.
  • Added a column for "Level" to ranged weapon modes.
  • Note: Not yet updated for the new DB/DR stuff.

December 31, 2005:

  • Added an option to include an attributes 'scratch block' which provides additional space for tracking the changing values of various attributes by hand during play. You can specify the attributes to include in the scratch block, and the number of text lines worth of space to allow for them.

December 22, 2005:

  • Added an option to include additional attributes in the main Attributes block of the sheet. This is great if you don't like all the stuff in the Additional Stats block, but want to see some of the additional values. Using this new option, you can make a comma separated list of the additional stats (beyond those normally shown) that you want shown in the Attributes block, and the sheet will display them. You can also include separators where desired, either as a blank line, or as a line drawn between listed items. You do need to make sure to spell the attribute names exactly as they appear in the Table View of the Attributes window, however, or the sheet won't find them.

December 22, 2005:

  • Updated look of the Additional Stats block to match rest of sheet.
  • Added options to turn off some additional blocks.
  • Added option to print Additional Stats in slightly different location.

December 10, 2005:

  • Released.

Last updated: October 17, 2007

Different Character with Some Alternate Options

This is a New Character Sheet, and is not currently available anywhere but on this site.

Downloading the Sheets

To download a character sheet for your use:

  1. Use the navigation links on the left side of the page to find the info page for the character sheet you're interested in.
  2. Right-click on the link provided in the yellow Download Links box on the right side of the character sheet info page. (Note that many of the sheets that are Included with GCA may not have a download available.)
  3. Click Save Target As...
  4. Browse to the folder where your GCA character sheet files are stored (such as My Documents\GURPS Character Assistant 4\sheets\).
  5. Click the Save button.

This will preserve the formatting and structure of the file, and the next time you use GCA, the character sheet will be there for you to use.

If you would like instructions for how to make use of the sheet once you've followed these steps and saved the sheet to your computer, I have written some in the Making Use of the Sheets page.

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