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GCA4 Clear Virtual Store app

Windows Vista and Windows 7 do some odd things, one of which is to use a virtual store to store data that is written/read from the Program Files folders, rather than allowing applications to actually write into that location. This is supposed to enhance security, but what frequently happens instead is that you see odd behavior as Windows accesses old, outdated data in the background, hiding from you that it's not actually reading, or writing to, the files that you think you're accessing in the application.

We have created the GCA Clear Virtual Store app to clear out the virutal store for GCA data, which may be getting loaded instead of more current data. In order to use this app correctly, it must be installed into the same folder as the GCA4.EXE file is, so we wrapped it into an installer of its own. Run the setup program, and you should get a program called GCAClearVirtualStore.exe installed into your GCA folder. You will also get a link to run that program (called GCA4 Clear Virtual Store) installed into your Start menu, under All Programs, in the GURPS Character Assistant 4 group.

To Install: Downlaod the GCA4 Clear Virtual Store app: gca4cvs_setup.exe. Save it to a known location. Then, navigate to the icon, right-click on it, and choose "Run as administrator" to launch it.

This document last updated August 28, 20011.

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