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Artwork in this gallery is copyrighted. I have been given permission to make this artwork available to you here for your personal use only. Please respect the rights of those who have been gracious enough to share their work with us.

Would you like to contribute to the gallery? Check out our submission guidelines.

Have a gallery of your own? If it's okay for people to use the work in it with GCA, drop me a note and I'll add your site to the list of Other Gallery Sites.

Draw your own character portrait using character body templates from the SJGames site--conveniently sized to work well with GCA.

Or use these additional character body templates from our Portrait Templates page.

The Gallery Pages

Following the link to the Gallery of your choice will take you to a contents page for the gallery, with a picture-card for each artist page it contains. Following a specific artist link will take you to the first gallery page for that particular artist.

Click here to view the picture-card-style gallery contents page, with a picture-card for each gallery page.

gallery1.gif - 1332 Bytes Jump to a Specific Artist:
Sébastien Allard
Araden 'il Tode'
Andre Beaulne
Aethel Castellow
Lynn Daniel
Dan Harbison
Greg Henle
Ken Jacobsen, Jr.
Eric Leach
Benoit Lemay
Ben Levick
Kirsten Maloney
Jeff Murray
PT Riley
Jon Seeley
Steve Jackson Games
Magnus Tor
Sébastien Allard, Araden 'il Tode'

gallery2.gif - 1335 Bytes
Andre Beaulne, Aethel Castellow, GreyJedi

gallery3.gif - 1341 Bytes
Dan Harbison, Greg Henle, Ken Jacobsen, Jr., Eric Leach

gallery4.gif - 1336 Bytes
Benoit Lemay, Ben Levick, Lioness, Kirsten Maloney, Miscellaneous

gallery5.gif - 1341 Bytes
Jeff Murray, PT Riley, Jon Seeley, Steve Jackson Games, Magnus Tor

You may cycle through all the galleries available simply by starting with one and using Next or Previous to travel to the next. Note that using Next from the last gallery page, or Previous from the first gallery page, will return you to this page.

Other Gallery Sites

The sites given here have portraits that may be used with GCA. Please respect the copyrights of the authors.

Tiffanie Gray

This document last updated August 5, 2007. Contents Copyright © 1999, 2002, 2004. All artwork is copyright the respective owner. Click here to contact us.