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The drawing templates provided here are provided for your personal use, courtesy of Dean Mehling. You can visit Dean at http://www.geocities.com/logan_munro/

The smaller versions shown here work well for direct use in GCA. The larger versions that they link to are too large for use directly in GCA, and may crash GCA if you try to load them--they are intended to be printed out on a full sheet of paper for drawing your character.

If you wish to print out a full size template to use for drawing your character, we recommend that you download the picture and then use a graphics program, or another program capable of resizing and manipulating the picture to fill a sheet of paper (such as Word or PowerPoint). Printing directly from your browser may not give you the best results.

You can find more templates of various types on the GURPS Character Templates page, which are also conveniently sized for use with GCA.

hero1a.gif - 4487 Bytes hero2a.gif - 3815 Bytes hero3a.gif - 3341 Bytes hero4a.gif - 4809 Bytes hero5a.gif - 5007 Bytes hero6a.gif - 4544 Bytes hero7a.gif - 5742 Bytes

These drawing templates are only available in the size shown.

009.gif - 7590 Bytes 010.gif - 5426 Bytes 011.gif - 5712 Bytes 012.gif - 8889 Bytes 013.gif - 5591 Bytes 014.gif - 5929 Bytes 015.gif - 7056 Bytes 016.gif - 10228 Bytes

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