Called Plugin Example

This plugin provides a working example of a Called Plugin, which is a plugin that is launched, or called, from the Launch sub-menu below the Plugins option on the Tools menu.

Called Plugins don’t fit into an existing structure, such as Unified Boxes or Sheets, so they must provide their own UI.

This plugin doesn’t do anything particularly useful, and isn’t written overly efficiently, but it does demonstrate using a dialog as the UI, accessing Options, and hanging around to perform work when needed by the user.

CalledPluginExample source is available here.

CalledPluginExample requires GCA version 5.0.215 or later. Earlier versions of GCA do not include the necessary features to support Called Plugins.

To manually add a plugin to GCA5: Unzip the file into your Documents/GURPS Character Assistant 5/plugins/ folder, so that your /plugins/ folder has a subfolder of /CalledPluginExample/ and within that are a bunch of files. GCA5 should then pick it up automatically and make it available to you. For example, Called Plugin Example should be in your GCA5 documents folder at /plugins/CalledPluginExample/ and all the plugin files would be in there.

Image showing the files that make up the example plugin stored in the plugins folder in the GURPS Character Assistant 5 folder in Documents

Folder with files within the \plugins\ folder.