Spring Bandit Sheet

This is a different kind of sheet, with a focus on bands across the whole page width for each type of data, and displayed layout columns within those bands. I personally love this approach, but I know it’s not for everyone.

Thanks to my patrons at Patreon for making this sheet possible! More patrons means I can do more stuff for GCA more often, so please consider becoming a patron if you can afford it. (There are alternative options here if Patreon isn’t your thing.) Thank you.

The sample images here may be taken from different characters, which may also have dummy data, and are likely with different sheet options selected.

A sample page image showing one possible first page.

Spring Bandit Sheet – sample image 1

A sample page image showing one possible combat sheet.

Spring Bandit Sheet – sample image 2

Download: This sheet is available through the Package Manager in GCA. Get there using Check for Updates on the Help menu.

This sheet is an optional package, so it will appear on the Optional Packages tab. Click on that tab and look for this sheet there. If an optional package is already installed, and updates are available, you’ll still be notified of that on the Updates tab.