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Package Updates

GURPS Prime Directive 4e.gdf
rkbrown has updated the GURPS Prime Directive worldbook to be in line with the 2020 Revised edition of the book which changes several of the Templates included and adds a few new ones.

Package Updates

GURPS Thaumatology 4e.gdf
<Magery 0>
Limited Colleges (%CollegesList%), -40%/-30%, round(up), upto(1), levelnames(,), group(Magery 0), page(Th24), formula(-10% * (5 – (%CollegesCost4% + %CollegesCost3% + %CollegesCost2% + %CollegesCost1%))), forceformula(yes),_

Limited Colleges (%CollegesList%), -40%/-30%, upto(1), levelnames(,), group(Magery), page(Th24), formula(-10% * (5 – (%CollegesCost4% + %CollegesCost3% + %CollegesCost2% + %CollegesCost1%))), forceformula(yes),_

In both of these, removed that % sign after -10 at the start of the formula().

Package Updates

Pyramid 3-83 – Knowing Your Own Strength.gdf
Added entries for one- and two-handed lift.

One-Handed Lift,
basevalue( 2* @round(2 * 10 ^ (ST:One Arm Lifting ST::score / 10),@if(ST:One Arm Lifting ST::score <= 7 then 1 else 0)) ),
maxscore(1000000), minscore(0), page(B353)
Two-Handed Lift,
basevalue( 8* @round(2 * 10 ^ (ST:Two Arm Lifting ST::score / 10),@if(ST:Two Arm Lifting ST::score <= 7 then 1 else 0)) ),
maxscore(1000000), minscore(0), page(B353)

Package Updates

Special thanks to DeathDaisy on the GURPS Discord for the huge amount of help with these changes.

GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.–Characters.gdf

Basically did these:

#ReplaceModTags in “Guns:Scope, 4x (TL 6)” with “gives(+1.5 to owner::baseweight, +2 to owner::scopeacc)”
#ReplaceModTags in “Guns:Scope, 4x, Thermal Imaging (TL 8)” with “gives(+1.5 to owner::baseweight, +2 to owner::scopeacc)”


Basically did these to the main entries:

#ReplaceTags in “EQ:Gauss PDW, 4mm” with “acc(6), scopeacc(1)”
#ReplaceTags in “EQ:Dart Rifle, 11mm” with “acc(5), scopeacc(1)”
#ReplaceTags in “EQ:ICW, 6.88mm” with “acc(4), scopeacc(2)”
#ReplaceTags in “EQ:Gauss Rifle, 4mm” with “acc(7), scopeacc(2)”
#ReplaceTags in “EQ:RPG, 85mm” with “acc(3), scopeacc(1)”
#ReplaceTags in “EQ:Electrolaser Carbine” with “acc(8), scopeacc(1)”

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Version 5.0.220 Released

GURPS Character Assistant has been released. Get the updated installer from your Warehouse 23 downloads page. (I’ve posted some help on doing that at both the new and old stores here.)

You get the updated installer by re-downloading the ZIP file from your Warehouse 23 account, and running the gca5setup_5.0.220.release.exe program that it contains (see the instructions link above). There is no separate update-only installer, you have to download and reinstall the program. It will not overwrite your personal data, it will overwrite your installation of GCA with the new and updated version.

This update includes all the changes mentioned in Build Notes posts since the last Release.
This time, it’s a bug fix release, fixing two issues:

    • For some reason, GCA would stop responding if you were in an edit field on a Classic View trait list and you clicked on a tab to change to a different list or view. That should no longer happen.
    • Fixes a critical bug related to item weight calculations introduced in b213 (released with version 5.0.218).