Monthly Archives: February 2014

teeny bits

Added a new Box option type to Sheet Options. Like Header or Caption, this has no persistent data. This option allows for the sheet options to be displayed in a style a bit more like the regular Options window and the Compact view. If you use the Box type, any other option types following the Box will be loaded into the Box in the Sheet Options window. ColorBlockSheet has been updated to show this option in use.

Added DisplayScore() function to match DisplayName() function. Returns score for attributes, count for equipment, and level for everything else. Also added corresponding BaseDisplayScore() function.

GCA now supports displayscoreformula() to customize display of score/level values, if needed. This is primarily intended for use supporting split tech levels, but folks may find other uses.

Character Sheets will need to be updated to support DisplayScore for TL, if they’re just referencing the attribute score right now. (If they’re using Character.TL then they’re probably okay.)

Added an Advanced button to the Campaign Settings window in the TL display. This allows for building a DisplayScore for the TL.

I updated the print engine, which broke compatibility with older character sheets, so they’ve been recompiled. C1 still hasn’t fixed the clipping bug for text in defined areas.