Monthly Archives: May 2015

Taste just a bit

GCA will now remember the trait type selections in the library lists of the Compact and Sheet Views between sessions.

Fixed bug in #DeleteByTag data file command.

Fixed bug in Edit dialog that didn’t save changes to Page.

Fixed bug in Edit dialog that displayed Show Modes checkbox when it shouldn’t.

Added an option in the Compact View display options to specify if you want the blocks to wrap or not (it is on by default). Turning wrapping off will result in all the blocks displaying linearly, which may be easier to view/reference for some folks when the primary scrolling is along just one axis.

Added an additional ‘bold link’ option to the PDF Launcher options.

Added an ‘Export PDF…’ button to Print Preview.

Apparently I changed the default footnote style when I updated the FootnoteManager. You should be sure to set the FootnoteStyle to the desired type after initializing the FootnoteManager.

Fixed ColorBlockSheet to address the issue with footnotes.

Updated ColorBlockSheet with some additional features and options.

Updated OfficialCharacterSheet to display the ‘Included’ and ‘Conditional’ lines for bonuses to traits in the various trait listings. Also added a sheet option to allow for setting a different font for these lines.