Monthly Archives: August 2019

A little bit is better than nothing


I had code in place in the Edit dialog to allow for changing the level of leveled traits by typing the desired level into the level box, but had it disabled for ads and disads. I believe I did this because I decided to show LevelNames in that field, and text names don’t work well with numeric levels. I have shortened the Level field and reenabled the abiltity to change the value for leveled traits. It is now meant for numeric values. I have added a display field after the +- buttons to show the LevelName, if available, for the trait.

I’ve added a checkbox to the Update Available dialog to allow for not restarting GCA after the update runs. Check the box, and the updater will quit after installing updates without launching GCA again.

Updated GCAUpdater to support the NoRestart option.

Updated SimpleTextExport to output skill lines more like the SJGames format.