Monthly Archives: May 2020

Hurt myself a bit during this build (b121)


Removed some obsolete code.

In #Choice and #ChoiceList handling, I made updates last year to improve type checking, and while doing that also changed the type of collection being used during the processing of the various lists. That change used a new collection that, it turns out, didn’t properly handle being used without also using unique keys. Since the usage here doesn’t use unique keys, only one item was ever being added to the collection. I have updated the collection in use so that it should now work correctly when used without keys.

* Gains Bonuses

I have finally updated Bonus to track gains bonuses with separate From values, rather than overloading the Target values. This should allow for gaining a bonus that can be applied to a target tag on the gaining trait. Doing this requires explicitly including the previously implied ‘to me’ clause, like so: gives(+1 to me from ST:Magery listas “I’m a spell. Really!”). You’d then just use the standard “me::tag” format to target a targetable tag.

Updated the code in various places for the change in Bonus when the bonus is a gains.

* Bonus Builder

Fixed an initializing issue with some object references.

Updated Bonus Builder to read better when the bonus is a gains.

* GCA5.xsd

Added the fromX elements for gains bonuses to GCABonus.

A bit less (b120)


GroupedTraitListBuilder would return no results if the character had no grouping options set for the given trait type. It will now return the no-match (“”) collection, filled with all the valid traits, as the only entry in the GroupedTraits dictionary. This makes more sense.

I don’t see any reason for the NoRestart option for Updater to not be working. I made a couple small changes in GCA and in GCAUpdater that shouldn’t really change anything, but we’ll see if it fixes it.

Removed some obsolete code.

* Files

ColorBlockSheet and OfficialCharacterSheet, as well as the IPrinterSheet interface, have been reverted to use C1PageSettings.

The XML help files for the GCA components should now be included in the distribution. This should allow for users writing plugins in Visual Studio to have what XML help I included in the system to be available within Visual Studio intellisense. I think.