More various bits of things (b216)


* Miscellaneous

Made some adjustments to the text output and display of the Point Summary window.

The order of the tabs in Classic View had Equipment appearing before Templates, which is backward from intended. I reversed them.

* Separate Template Costs

I have surfaced an option to track points spent on Templates separately from Advantages and Disadvantages, due to requests. That is now available in Options under Windows & Boxes.

GCA will now display a block in the points bar for Templates, if GCA is set to track those separately, and if there is a non-zero point value for them. When you change the setting in Options, the Points Bar at the bottom of the window will not automatically update to include/exclude the Templates block. You will need to do something to force that change, such as hitting F5 to recalculate.

Be aware that with this option on, you will be potentially mixing positive and negative point values into a single total, which may be misleading to you.

The option to track Template points separately was not supported by any of the included sheets when showing the ‘summarized’ totals. I have updated the points boxes on the sheets to include Templates when this option may be in use with the summarized display, but Templates will still only be shown if the total is non-zero.

* Zoom

Made some minor adjustments to the Transform Manager and the Loadout Manager to try and get their central grids to respect the font size for the user’s zoom level.

The Library Pane and Layout buttons on the Unified View toolbar should now size back down correctly when you switch off Jumbo toolbar buttons.

I have added a new Extra Large option to the Zoom menu. I can’t guarantee that every dialog will fit on everyone’s screen when using this option, so if things don’t fit and can’t be resized to work, I’m afraid you’ll have to use a smaller zoom. But let me know! I may be able to redesign the problematic windows to work differently. Note: The location boxes for the various protection displays will almost certainly be too small, with clipped text. Those boxes are set using fixed pixel sizes and locations in order to work on the images, and that doesn’t match well with font-based scaling for the text within them.

* Classic View Attributes

Added some additional options to the right-click menu for Attributes in Classic View: Modifiers, to open the Modifiers dialog; Highlight, to make available the highlighting options; and GM Sheet, to include or exclude from the traits marked for inclusion on the GM Sheet (or for other things that use those watched traits).

Not all output options are necessarily set up to allow for Attributes on the GM Sheet watchlist, so you may have to let me know if they don’t appear somewhere, or in some fashion, that you think they should. (They should automatically appear in Special Abilities on the GM Control Sheet itself.)

* Accessibilty: Input box

The Input box used when GCA needed a quick user entry, such as in the #Input directives and when changing a profile name, used a built-in feature of my programming framework. Unfortunately, that feature did not appear to support accessibility features. It has now been replaced in all use cases by my own input box dialog, which has been updated a bit to better handle accessibility needs.

Character handling has now been plumbed with a new event and handler to allow for requesting this new Input.

* Sheets

The Official Character Sheet has been updated to reflect the use of Separate Template Costs in the Point Summary when the Templates total is non-zero.

The GCA Prime Sheet and Spring Bandit Sheet have been updated to reflect the use of Separate Template Costs in the Point Summary when showing ‘summarized’ point totals and the Templates total is non-zero.

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