Bits be transformed, yo


* Miscellaneous

Made a slight adjustment to how trait list boxes in Unified view are updated, due to a drawing issue.

Adjusted how the option that requires GCA to always allow you to select a library for the character when creating a new character works. It will now allow you to select the ‘New, with Default Library’ toolbar option to use the default library without actually having to select it again from the Library Manager dialog. This is more consistent with the ‘inversion of normal’ behavior that the option is meant to offer.

* Transforms

Multiplicities have been renamed to Transforms; this should follow through to all windows and whatnot.

Altered some Needs checking processing to disallow inactive traits as valid.

GCA will now save/load transform data.

Updated transforms section of character calculation routine a bit.

Added option for the show/hide Transform dialog explainer to Options.

* Templates

A component owner adding new traits should now always automatically force duplicate items, rather than popping up a dialog about them. A non-owner (such as most types of character templates) should still ask about duplicates.

* Defaults

Expanded the Text Function Solver support in default() to be processed first thing, so that you can use text functions to completely alter the way that a default may be processed. This means you could do something like this:

default( $if(1=2 then “Calc 1 @default(10)” else “Calc 2 @default(12)”) )

which is combining the idea of the text function solver and the @default() function into a single statmement to return the whole definition.

or this:

default( $if(1 = 2 then “SK:Whatever”-2 else “SK:Whatever Else”-6) )

to just return the default statement you want, depending on the evaluation of the $If comparison.

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