Cleaning up and polishing of various bits continues


* Miscellaneous

In Classic View, in system and character trait lists, when using type-to-search, traits beyond the bottom of the viewable list area would often be found and selected, but would be considered ‘in view’ even if only a fraction of the trait’s name box was actually within the viewable area. Clearly, that’s not ideal. This has been fixed so that a whole row should scroll into view, at least.

In Unified and Sheet Views, the library list type-to-search has also been fixed as above.

When points are changed in the Campaign Settings dialog, the points bar should now update values correctly when the dialog is closed.

The Library items in Classic View didn’t have subheads, so added those. I don’t think we really needed them for most tabs, but for Equipment they seemed helpful, and having them on all tabs keeps the look consistent.

Widened the Cost column on the Library side of the Equipment tab of Classic View a bit.

Various places (including Campaign Log and some lists) were touched to show money values as $ rather than “Currency”, because “Currency” uses localized values, which is not correct for GURPS $.

* Manage Your Library

Added a buttom to allow duplicating the currently selected library.

Added a button to allow for browsing to a different User Books Folder.

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