Sweeping up the bits (b130)


Updated the code for pasting modifiers and tags into traits to ensure that the targets are marked dirty and will redraw immediately.

Updated the code for saving traits to save the recently added tags within the normal structure, rather than in the Extended tags block.

You can now use drag-n-drop in the Attributes list (on the left side) of the Attributes pane of Classic view to rearrange the mainwin() order of the attributes by dragging them to new positions.

Added a new option to the right-click menu for traits on the Attributes pane of Classic view, and to the gear menu on the Attributes box in Unified view: Create New Attribute. This will create a new attribute with a few possible options, but the user will have to do most of the editing to fully flesh out the attribute they want. This works by injecting a simple “new attribute wizard” into the system. The wizard is effectively a system trait, but attributes have no system lists to pick from.

Added a button to the bottom of the center section of the Attributes pane of Classic view to also add a new attribute.

Added a new section to data files which allows for creating system wizards using data file features. This section is called [Wizards] and must have a specific format where each category in the section is a particular trait type, such as . If this ever gets used for anything else, different trait names within each trait-type category would likely serve as the names of the various wizards for that type of trait.

GCA now reads the [Wizards] block and stores the data in the Library. This block is library specific, and is never saved within the character data. Support of this new section requires new FastLoad files, so those will be rebuilt as you use your libraries. NOTE: At this time, only the Create New Attribute wizard uses this data, and it currently uses only the first Attribute-specific wizard it finds, regardless of name.

Added a setting in the Options dialog for the preferred minimum font size for the RTF text displays.

Added an explainer to the Resync dialog, and adjusted the text at the bottom of the window.

* GCA5 Changes.GDF

Updated to include the new [Wizards] block with a copy of the built-in Attribute wizard for reference or replacement in your files.

* gca5.xsd

Updated for recently added tags.

* tagdefs.xml

Updated for recently added tags.

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