From the beta list post for the newest build:

* Fixed a typo and some sizing things on Loadout Manager.

* Added the ability to turn on and off the display of the toolbars, in the View menu.

* GCA will now remember the border widths, flow direction, and column widths set in the Colors & Layout window.

* Fixed a refresh bug in attack mode boxes.

* Added support for the where() tag (‘Where It’s Kept’) in the Simple Edit dialog for Equipment, for those who like to detail out where each item is placed on their characters.

* Did adjust a couple things in the FastLoad files to see if that would speed up the threaded processing a bit more.

* Mucked about with some stuff on the Classic view trait lists, including something I’m just trying out.

* Mucked about with the Campaign Log window a bit. The window now supports reversing the display order of the log entries, and you can now search through the log entries for a text string (currently very simple searching only, although you can restrict it to only captions or only notes using the prefixes “caption:” or “notes:”, respectively).

* Fixed an issue where clicking on the non-trait-list boxes in the new set of Compact View boxes would cause an exception.

* The Resynchronize function has now been restored. Access the Resync window from the Character menu. I’ve changed some of how the internals work from the way GCA4 did it, which will hopefully allow for more flexibility. I do have some thoughts on additional features that might be nice, so there is a disabled portion of the window (that I may or may not hook up later).

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