Bits of imprecision (b165)


Stupid bug fixed. Back when the BasicDamageList was changed to use List rather than Collection, the Solver’s routines for @baseswdice() and @basethdice() were not updated to account for the shift in base from 1 to 0, so GCA crashed when the given ST exceeded the last entry in the BasicDamage data (100).

Added some accessibility alt-text to the Campaign Settings dialog.

An issue related to double precision values when checking for fractional results during the calculating of modifiers has resulted in some edge cases incorrectly pushing a result to the next higher integer, when that’s clearly the wrong result (example: Level 5 Magery = 50 points, +10% modifer = 55 points; but GCA was showing 56 points). I’ve changed how the intermediate tier results are finished (rounding to 4 decimal places), which I think should compensate for the floating point precision issue.

Added a tag for equipment items to allow for changing the number of decimals kept during calculation of modifiers, allowing items to override the normal 2 digits kept for equipment. Because of other issues in modifier calculation, 4 decimal places is still the max, but you can specify a value from 0 (the default is 2 places) to 4. This may help in certain cases. The tag is decimalplaces(<num>) where <num> is an integer value from 0 to 4. (I may decide to add a GCA option for this in the future.)

* Data Files (Released 2021 December 30)

Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf: More updates, edits, and consolidations of weapons.

* Data Files (Released 2021 December 19)

GURPS Basic Set 4th Ed.–Characters.gdf, GURPS Martial Arts 4e.gdf, and GURPS Power-Ups 2 Perks 4e.gdf have all had some 0-point traits moved into the Features section.

Dungeon Fantasy RPG.gdf: Various updates, edits, and consolidations of weapons.

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