A variety of bits to choose from (b190)


The routine used to allow scaling of super-large values was truncating/rounding small values with decimal places. Most places it was used that didn’t matter, but it affected Basic Speed, where it does. That routine now allows up to two decimal places if they exist.

There was a bug in the sheet option control that handles the new option for selecting one or more listed items and then allowing the user to arrange them in the order desired (List Selected & Ordered). This bug occurred when there were duplicate items, and the user attempted to move any of those duplicates; the duplicates just got bundled together at the end of the list and couldn’t be moved. That bug is now fixed.

After fixing the List Selected & Ordered bug, I added some support for drag-and-drop to add/remove items, and to reorder items in the selected list.

The Library panes used in Unified and Sheet views now have an additional option for filtering the categories being displayed. If you right-click an item selected in the list, you can select a category that it belongs to, which will then exclude that category of items from the displayed listing. For example, you could click on Absolute Direction, then right-click and select Exclude Trait Category to get a list of categories to which Absolute Direction belongs, then select Mundane to have all traits that belong to the Mundane category excluded from the library list. A check box pane will appear directly under the categories drop-down (above the filter pane), with a No ‘Mundane’ option listed and checked. Unchecking the box will clear that exclusion. The exclusion will persist until you check the box to clear it.

And, expanded the system above, so you can right-click in the Library list and then select Exclude Categories… to pick from a dialog of all the categories that apply to the current list. All the categories you check there will then be excluded, and added to the checklist of exclusions. There is now also a big red X button to clear the entire group of exclusions all at once, if you’re done with them.

Added the ability to convert a template or metatrait into a parent with children structure instead. This removes all the access-control features (hide, lock, etc.) from the related traits in the process. You can access this feature by selecting the desired template trait in the Character list (and only that trait), then choosing the “Convert to Parent/Child” option which will appear in the right-click or Traits menus. That will convert the template or metatrait into a parent with children. You can not undo this.

Updated the code that puts deleted traits into the Recycle Bin to *not* preserve the “NO XYZ” traits that are auto-created by GCA when you disable a component trait in a template. Because these are part of a behind-the-scenes system, they don’t work quite like regular traits, and if you Restore them from the Recycle Bin they may behave problematically.

Added text to the headers for the Armor sections in Edit Traits, so that it’s more clear that the non-editable display is *after* all modifiers and bonuses have applied, while the editable section is before those. Also, changing values did not immediately trickle-through, so that has also been updated to do so.

Adjusted code in the Info pane so the mouse pointer won’t flicker like crazy over page numbers.

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