Package Updates

** Core Supplemental

* GCA Prime Sheet (now 1.0.5) – (NOTE: This should have been updated to 1.0.6 but was not.)

Updated to allow for properly printing the RTF text of description() and usernotes() for traits.

Added options to have description() and usernotes() print as plain text instead of rich text.

Add options to always show description() or usernotes() for traits that are highlighted a certain color (or highlighted at all).

Updated to use Mode’s DamageDisplayText for damage displays.

* GCA5.xsd

Added element ‘vttnotes’ to the ‘ref’ block of GCATrait

Added element ‘vttmodenotes’ to GCAAttackMode block

Added elements ‘minimode_damage’,’minimode_damtype’,’minimode_armordivisor’, and ‘minimode_radius’ to GCAAttackMode block

Changed element ‘penalty’ in GCAHitLocationLine to a string.

* TagDefs.xml

Updated ‘mode enabled’ text to instead be ‘mode specific’.

Updated to include text for vttnotes() and vttmodenotes().

Updated to include text for minimode_damage(), minimode_damtype(), minimode_armordivisor(), and minimode_radius().

* BookCodes.xml

Added Dungeon Fantasy: Companion 3.

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