Probably no December release

It looks like I’m going to miss the release for December that I had planned on. I’m trying to fix a dialog display issue that appears to be the result of Windows 11 interactions, but I don’t have Windows 11 myself. So it’s going very slowly.

I’m continuing to fix new bugs as people find them. I’m continuing to add support for new things. I’m just not going to make this particular informally intended release date.

Although I should probably point out that I had always intended to release updates quarterly, at the fastest. They have occurred more often than that so far due to various crash-bugs that kept coming up. If those are mostly trapped at this point, the release pace should continue to be a bit slower in the future.

(Package updates, for books and sheets, available through the Check for Updates package manager, will continue to happen whenever they need to happen, as quickly as they need to happen.)

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