A bit different

Added an Unspent entry to the points bar.

Added first draft of dialog for Party Log Entry, from the Party menu.

Added support for saving a Party list file from the Party menu. A Party file saves references to all the currently loaded characters in a GCA5party file, which allows you to load them all at once in the future by loading just that one GCA5party file.

Updated CampaignLog to allow fractional point values in log entries.

Reworked how a couple of my controls work to better handle scaling for the zoom modes.

Changed a couple icons in Options.

Added some icons to the Tools menu.

Added first draft of the Build Campaign Book window. This allows you to load a library, delete traits you don’t like, and then save the entire thing as a single book file (.GDF file), and to optionally save a campaign library (.GDS file) for it as well. This should help simplify building campaign specific files for sharing with players.

Updated library manager to delete FastLoad files when deleting the owning library.

When creating a new character using New, Choosing Library…, the Manage Your Library dialog is now properly set to allow you to double-click on a library to select it and close the window.

For quite a while, I’ve been intending to redo the system for loading character files, so that more of the logic would be handled entirely within the GCAEngine, where it really belongs. I have now done a big chunk of that, and have switched to the new system as of now for the standard handling. Along with this support, it’s now possible to load these additional file types: GCA4base, GCA5base, GCA4party, and GCA5party.

With the new file loading system, you can now load files as “Read Only”, which effectively means GCA won’t assign them a filename right away (usually it starts with the one it was loaded from). You will be required to use Save As… to save the file; but of course you can save over the old file if you wish, because that will not be prevented beyond the confirmation dialog that pops up.

When loading a GCA4 file, GCA5 will now automatically treat it as “Read Only”, as described above. This is a safety precaution to avoid accidentally overwriting older files with newer data that may not be completely compatible with GCA4.

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