Plug in these bits

Adjusted quick pick dialog a tiny bit.

Changed the GCA5.Interfaces structure as I broaden the plugin support. This necessitated creating a basic, minimal interface for the shared plugin features, and having the other interfaces inherit it. You will need to recompile any plugins you have, but you shouldn’t need to change anything else.

Added IBasicPlugin and IExportSheet to GCA5.Interfaces.

Created the SimpleTextExport plugin, which, as the name suggests, exports characters to a text file. This is still a work in progress, but does export stuff.

Added an Export… option to the File menu.

Added the Select Export Sheet dialog, which is what comes up when you select Export… from the File menu. This dialog allows you to select the Export Sheet you want to use for exporting purposes, and allows you to proceed through the export process if a sheet is selected.

Adjusted how GCA tracks plugins and Print Sheets, given that there are now more types of plugins and the other types are not suitable for printing/previewing.

NOTE: Export Sheets are not automatically compatible with Print Sheets, as they were for GCA4. This is due to the fact that the system now used by the print engine does an absolutely abysmal job of converting to other types of data, most of which is absolutely useless (PDF is okay, and is currently supported from Print Preview). Therefore, there’s no good way to translate the printer output to other output types automatically any more.

All included plugins have been recompiled due to interface changes.

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