More exported bits

Moved calculation of charparry() up in the order of calculations for secondary characteristics, because it, too, is used in the calculation of some values in the routine that does charskillused, charskillscore, and charparryscore.

Added another special case check for trickle-through issues related to failing to meet minimum ST for a weapon.

Fleshed out the SimpleTextExport output.

Updated GCA5.Interfaces again: updated the RequestRunSpecificOptions event of IExportSheet; added the DialogOptions_RequestedOptions class. Shouldn’t affect print sheets.

Updated GCA5 to handle RequestRunSpecificOptions event handling for export plugins.

Added a form to display and process the selection of RunSpecificOptions by users.

Updated SimpleTextExport to raise the RequestRunSpecificOptions event if the user requests it in Options. (My current implementation would probably be better served with a simple message box, but I hope that it shows that much more sophisticated options could be requested, such as providing a character list and having only the selected characters exported.) Plus, added some more options for output handling.

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