Grab bag of bits and bugs


* Bug fixes

Addressed an issue related to extremely large numbers being returned using exponential notation, and GCA not handling that correctly internally when dealing with those values within an expression.

Hitting Enter in the editable column of the classic trait Attribute lists will now commit the entered value.

Addressed a bug that didn’t restore modifier bonuses correctly when canceling out of the Edit Traits window.

The trait tag ‘chareffectivest’ was missing from the tags meant to be handled by the Modes system, and has been added.

* Other

Added an IsMetric function to Character, which returns True if the character has the ‘Metric’ attribute and its value is 1.

GCA’s displays should now show ‘kg’ or ‘m’ instead of ‘lbs’ or ‘yds’ when using the metric settings.

Updated the center column of the Classic View’s Attributes tab:

  • Redesigned to be more in line with the style used elsewhere in the program. This also allows for more responsive resizing.
  • Replaced the Encumbrance and Move sections with the Move box used elsewhere, since it’s already of the right style, and has been reworked to auto-size better.

Rebuilt the Move box used in Unified, Party, and now Classic views:

  • It will now dynamically resize the displayed columns to better fit the data.
  • If necessary, it will now drop columns if the data items are too large to allow everything to fit in the space available. This will not be noticeable to most people in most cases, but if a character has really large values for the Carry row, you’ll see it.
  • There should now be reduced ‘flashing’ during redraws.
  • The Carry row now displays formatted values, should they be large enough where that will matter.

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