Summer bits


* Miscellaneous

Added an Option to allow for multiple rows of Trait Tabs in Classic View, should the display area be narrow enough that some of the tabs would end up on the overflow drop-down list.

Removed the unused Edit menu from the main menu.

Updated the dialog version of Attributes to use the correct colors for the new general information box.

Fixed the Colors & Layout dialog to support the addition of Features.

Bulk is now correctly part of the new mode-handling system,

In #ChoiceList, totalcost(), picksallowed(), and the values for default() are now math-enabled, so can be given formulas. Since parsing within those tags is done on spaces, you should enclose the formulas in quotes or braces.

* Print Preview

Made some changes to how the Print Preview dialog is created, to adjust for some weirdness caused by the control vender.

Moved the Export PDF… button next to the Print button, and renamed it PDF.

Added an Exit button.

Adjusted the auto-sizing of the sheets drop-down a little bit.

* Official Character Sheet

Updated to handle Features, and to upgrade existing settings because of Features.

Updated to actually print Templates.

Added first draft of support for end-notes style itemnotes() to weapon tables.

Updated to reflect ‘gurps logo.bmp’ is now in \images\ rather than \graphics\ folder.

Added an option to not print the GURPS logo on page 2 (active by default), for a cleaner look with more room for the Hand Weapons table content.

* Books & Data

Included Eric’s book and image data updates.

Fixed the missing ‘minoccurs’ for Features in GCA5.XSD.

Moved ‘gurps logo.bmp’ to \images\ rather than the old \graphics\ folder.

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