Still summer, still more bits


* Miscellaneous

Itemnotes() support now implemented for attack mode boxes on Unified View.

Noticed some unexpected/unwanted color changes in the attack mode boxes in Simple Edit, so I fixed that. Then made some visual changes in the display of modes and itemnotes and such.

Fixed the tooltip for the Export button on the File toolbar.

Adjusted how the PendingChildKeyList() tag is handled, so it should no longer stick around past its intended lifetime.

Made some slight changes to how child handling is processed when loading characters, which reduces file loading times for characters that have traits with many child items.

I’m trying out a restructured version of the RecalculateAll routine, which results in far fewer recalculations of parent items and commonly referenced traits. It is significantly faster, and appears to still work properly, but it’s so much faster that I’m just not sure something isn’t being missed. Be alert for issues, especially for newly loaded characters.

* #ChoiceList dialog

Made various adjustments to the components and design of the dialog.

Fixed a bug that resulted in the dialog not correctly disabling the OK button again once it had been enabled.

Implemented a FIFO (first in/first out) selection process to keep selections at the maximum picks, if set, by deselecting earlier picks as later ones are made. If the list is in this mode, the check boxes on the list will be round instead of square.

* Official Character Sheet

Removed the CreateItemNotes() routine I added last build, since I have now included that routine as part of the GCA5Engine. The sheet was updated to use the engine routine, instead.

Fixed bug that would lose overflowing entries from weapon tables if there were itemnotes.

* Color Block Sheet

Added first draft of support for end-notes style itemnotes() to weapon tables.

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